Elite Pelvic Health and
Physical Therapy


What we do

We are physical therapists treating various issues that can arise throughout your lifespan including pelvic health, pregnancy, postpartum, men's pelvic health and general orthopedic.

As a physical therapist, our most important role is helping our clients achieve the goals that are important to them and be a supportive guide through their health journey.


Pelvic Health

Pelvic health physical therapists specialize in treating the muscles and tissues in the pelvic region of the body, which affect bladder, bowel, and sexual health as well as menstruation, childbirth, and menopause. We treat individuals ages 18 and up.


Pelvic health therapy during pregnancy helps pain and discomfort, urinary leakage, and preparation for childbirth. Whether you are planning for vaginal or cesarean birth, our goal is to empower you for birth and prepare for postpartum recovery.


Postpartum starts on day one and does not stop at week twelve. Postpartum is forever. Whether you are days or decades postpartum, pelvic health physical therapy can help you regain strength and mobility to lead a pain-free and leak-free life.

Men's Pelvic Health

All people have pelvic floors. Pelvic health physical therapy for male patients helps manage urinary symptoms, bowel dysfunction, pelvic pain, prostate-related symptoms and sexual dysfunction related to pelvic floor muscle tension or weakness. Our therapists are trained specifically in treating male pelvic health.

General Orthopedic

Orthopedic physical therapy is a practice that concentrates on enhancing the use of your orthopedic system—those essential joints, muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique used in physical therapy to target and alleviate muscle pain and dysfunction. It involves the insertion of thin needles into trigger points within muscles, tendons, ligaments, or near nerves, without injecting any medication. By stimulating these trigger points, dry needling aims to release tension, improve blood flow, improve range of motion and enhance overall musculoskeletal function.